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فروش انواع هواپیماهای شخصی ،تفریحی، آموزشی

Persian Air Service Center with exclusive representation of the top aircraft manufacturers in Europe as well as exclusive dealers of parts, equipment and pilot supplies from world leading brands and selection of leading aviation brands with unique design and application of the latest technology In the aviation industry they have been able to provide the highest quality, fastest and most beautiful personal, recreational and educational aircraft in the country for personal, educational and commercial purposes. After-sales service and supply of consumables, motors and body parts as well as speeds of up to 300 km / h and a flight range of up to 2400 km and autopilot flight have made buyers of these aircraft always enjoy flying with these aircraft. Feel the joy of flying a personal plane in the true sense of the word and be happy with your choice.

Fuel Tank Capacity 100 Liter

2400 Km Flight Range

Rotax 914 / 115 hp

310Km / 165kt

Rotax 912 / 100 hp

290Km / 155kt

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