Backing up the originality of the product

The Airline Service Center and Persian Shop only work with reputable and reputable companies worldwide and you can buy them with confidence that they are genuine.

3 days return possibility

Your satisfaction and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities, and the Airline Service and Persian Store strives to ensure that every order reaches the customer in the shortest time and best.


If the image of the purchased item contradicts the delivered item.
If the purchased item has physical or physical damage or damage.
If the packaging of the shipped goods has not changed at all, and the packaging of the goods has not changed from the first to the first.
You can return your goods with the backing of 3 days return.

Given that :

Contrast, it is possible to use the goods without opening the box and sealing the goods must be delivered and returned without any damage to the packaging.
But if the discrepancy is only possible by unpacking, the carton and the original box of products should be kept and discarded separately.
In the event of a conflict, the after-sales service unit should be notified within 24 hours of receipt of the goods by the Air Service Center and the Persian Store, and the goods must be delivered in a box and packaged and returned to the packaging without any damage. .
Should the goods be damaged or defective in the carton and box, not later than 24 hours after receipt of the goods, the after-sales service of Air Service Center and Persian Store should be notified.
If the damage is caused by the shipment, notify the after-sales service of the Air Service Center and the Persian Store up to 24 hours after the delivery of the goods.
The carton and the main product box should be kept and discarded separately.
Canceling a purchase and requesting a refund will apply to a product that has not been opened, opening the original packaging and the seal will eliminate the possibility of a refund even if the item has not been used.
Costs of purchasing goods from the site are excluding backing and shipping. The shipping cost is automatically calculated for purchases of more than one million USD for free and for purchases of less than one million based on the address.
The cost of shipping the goods to the cities also varies according to the services of the Post Office or TIPAXX and will be notified to the customer after the order has been registered.
Also, if the cost of backing is in some cases added to the price of the product, the user can choose from the backing conditions in the section of the product in question, either by increasing the price by selecting the backing or by lowering the price without backing up (if the backing is timed, including one). Notifies you of two 7-day back-up or safe and genuine back-up that are part of the site’s services and will not charge you any extra fees.)

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