Offering a variety of recreational flights over most of our beloved country at official airports and under the supervision of the Civil Aviation  with official licenses

Ultra-light airfares: Another of our services is light and ultra-light airfares, organized by qualified and accredited professors under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority. Take advantage of complex reservation services with prior reservations and coordinates.

A fun flight with the personal ultra light aircraft

FLight with your friend is one of the most exciting recreational sports. Flying from the sky is an exciting and enjoyable proposition. This is a great opportunity for those of you who like to float in the sky again and have the whole earth under your feet. Just be interested in the sky and float in the air to have a great day.

These flights will be carried out in all parts of the country and the official airports of the country under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority and in coordination with the airports of origin and destination at Cross County or locally.

  • Duration: Half an hour and an hour
    Flight Zone: One of the areas of Qazvin Plain – Alamut Castle – Taleghan Dam
    Cost: Shooting is done at a separate cost
    Use Restrictions: Not allowed for people with heart problems and fear of altitude
    Experience a two-person fun flight
    Do not miss the pleasure of flying in the highlands of Alamut Castle
    Feel the excitement at the height of the sky
    Experience a memorable flight

Reservation conditions for recreational and Training flights

All flights are operated at the standard airports of the country under the supervision of the State Aviation Authority and the airport company.

  • The cost of 1 hour flight for each person is between 65 Euro – 80 Euro (depending on the aircraft model).
  • The minimum flight time for those interested is 30 minutes. That is about 40 Euro .
  • There are two planes, one pilot from the airport and one passenger; they can use multiple planes if the passengers are two or more people.
  • Contact the site support team to arrange a timing flight.

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