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In the name of God
Persian Airline Service Center and Persian Airline Shop launched by a group of pilot students in July 2007 along with Persian Airline Specialized Website, this site as the first specialized site for Iranian pilots with unique features and different parts of their activity. It has begun to take a step towards promoting the aviation industry of our beloved country, Iran.
One of the unique parts of this site is its highly sophisticated online store with unique features in keeping with the latest technologies of the world's leading sites. The site's store is provided through international sources and brands in the aerospace industry. Online shopping allows website visitors to respect their customers, as well as providing customers with the opportunity to purchase and order a variety of products and equipment and components from other leading aviation industry websites and trends.
Also one of the main parts of the Persian Air Service Center is the sale of all types of super light, light aircrafts as well as the sale of two, four, six-person aircraft as well as single and two-engine aircraft for training and entertainment through the leading brands and manufacturers of aircraft in the industry. It is air.
In addition, the Persian Pilot Training Unit, in cooperation with all the pilot training centers in the country, undertakes the task of recruiting and training in various pilot courses for light aircraft as well as light at PPL, CPL and IR levels. Also, various other aspects such as aviation news, latest aviation industry achievements and various other useful and diverse sections pointed out that this is an attempt to raise and update the knowledge of our country's future pilots in order to develop suitable alternatives for the big pilots. Today and yesterday will be the border of this canvas.
It is worth noting that the launch of this site is multilingual to bring the Iranian aviation industry's name to the world. We have begun this path with the trust of God Almighty and we need the help and guidance of all the nobles and masters involved in this industry, and we hope to see our nation's aviation industry upgraded internationally. Hoping for Iranian and Iranian pride.
Persian Air Service Center (Persian Pilot Website - www.persianaviator.com)

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