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It was started by Noah Levine, a very lay Buddhist, and he hosts most of the episodes. There’s a lot of Q&A, so if you’re curious, and looking for something different, give it a listen. You may have heard of medical marijuana, or cannabis, being touted as a treatment for nearly any mental health problem or physical ailment.

Science Education

This podcast aims to create an environment of compassion for individuals caught in the destructive grip of the addictive process. It works to deliver real hope to people who are suffering from addiction’s painful impact. The podcast dives into what drives the addictive process explore the latest research on addiction and talks about the latest addiction treatment options. Hear what leading addiction and recovery experts are talking about—addiction trends, topics, and challenges as well as research, practices, and advances that point to the most promising way forward.

  • Host Arlina has been clean and sober since April 23, 1994.
  • NIMH offers expert-reviewed information on mental disorders and a range of topics.
  • Now in its seventh season, The Bubble Hour has hundreds of archived episodes as a resource for those seeking sobriety-related content.
  • Harm reduction, when it comes to alcohol treatment may involve helping someone to cut back on heavy drinking and binge drinking.
  • And we estimate that there were only about a dozen high-quality specialty care programs in the United States at that time.

Looking to the future of addiction treatment.

That’s thrown a lot more people addiction and recovery circles. And addiction podcasts are becoming an increasingly effective tool aiding in recovery. Here are some blog posts on the topic of how to find free addiction treatment programs. The map below, representing the states of the United States of America, provides links to pages for each state.

The 9 Best Free Podcast Hosting Services in 2023

If you have a smart phone, tablet, laptop or other internet-connected device, you can find recovery audio online. The 12 steps are indispensable in the journey towards healing. They can spark enlightenment, foster growth, and propel personal transformation. In this episode, Spencer, Karen, and other contributors explore… We find value in the shared experiences, wisdom, and support expressed in Al-Anon meetings. Sharing in meetings plays a crucial role in bolstering recovery, assisting in healing, and fostering…

  • They organise sober trips and events to put the inspiring words into action.
  • And then the remaining 17 clinics provided treatment as usual.
  • Join our podcast community to hear amazing stories of courage and transformation.
  • And we’re anticipating that somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 young people with first-episode psychosis will be enrolled in these programs.
  • That experience had a profound effect on his life and the work he does today.
  • In this episode, Heather, Racheal, and Spencer share our expectations of…
  • As he gained support, developed new skills, and began to understand addiction, his depression lifted and drugs and alcohol became less critical in his life.
  • Explore the NIMH grant application process, including how to write your grant, how to submit your grant, and how the review process works.

The episodes that focus on the science of a better way to live are my favorites. Her guests have a similar lighthearted take on a very serious subject. The episodes aren’t so much instructive, as they are anecdotal takes on how individuals succeeded in changing their relationship with alcohol. They organise sober trips and events to put the inspiring words into action. Retreats, sober prom, and New Year’s Eve events are just some of the events they’ve hosted and organized.

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